IT and Telecom

From Bell to Jobs

The telephone was invented in 1876, and it quickly caught on in Sweden, which for a while was actually Europe’s biggest telephone user. The breakthrough laid the foundations for a special relationship with the industry that was later to be known as telecommunications, or telecoms, and that is today a huge global industry.

Telecommunication, from the Greek tele (far) and the Latin communicatio (mutual exchange), means communication over large distances. The speed of development in the field of telecoms is astounding, and many people assert that more has happened over the past decade than during the 130 or so years prior to that.

The faster and smoother our communication becomes, the quicker will be the next stage of its evolution.

i3tex helps the industry move forwards

i3tex contributes to future technical advances by supporting leading global companies specialising in telecoms. We have great experience in development of trial fixtures, including mechanics, electronics and software. In this context we assume overall responsibility and develop complete systems independently and on our own premises.

Our expertise in electronics and software is of great benefit, e.g. in the development of radio base stations, or when we are working on the design of the operating system in SGSN, which makes stringent demands of our knowledge of the Linux core and tools such as Yocto.

Other areas in which we do a great deal of work are project management, testing, verification and certification.

The Internet of Things - IoT

The Swedish market currently features a number of globally leading telecoms companies that offer services in the field of wireless communication and mobility.

Right now people are talking a lot about the internet of things, or IoT. This refers to the fact that thanks to telecoms the things around us that are equipped with electronics can communicate directly with their owners, manufacturers or other equipment.

At i3tex we are doing our own work in this field, and are constantly assessing new technology. We are thus always acquiring new knowledge and experience in areas such as RDC, 6LowPAN, CoAP and Contiki-OS.

Håkan Rolin
Business Unit Manager Software Development