Automotive Industry

The Automotive Industry – The Heart of Swedish Business

The Swedish automotive industry generates about half a million jobs, accounting for some 12 percent of the country’s total exports and is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of Sweden’s trade and industry. Being able to boast three leading vehicle manufacturers, despite a population of less than ten million, makes Sweden a unique example in the international arena. And it is in this exciting industry that we at i3tex conduct a significant portion of our business.

A partner with both width and depth

For many years, i3tex has been a strategic partner to the Swedish automotive industry. The cooperation is comprehensive and the automotive sector is now the single largest part of our business. Its complexity and size means that it requires all possible types of skills – from project management services and verification leaders to a variety of specialist services within both programming  and mechanical design.

i3tex is involved in all areas, such as body electronics, electrical architecture, and exterior – as well as all of the different fields highlighted below. We work with a variety of OEM customers as a direct supplier, for which we have our own framework agreements, as well as with a large number of subcontractors. Our customers include several well-known names such as the Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Trucks, CEVT, Scania, Valeo, Denso, Johnson Controls, and Brose.

Chassis, Active Safety – and autopilot for cars

i3tex has deep expertise in the areas of chassis development and active safety. Here, our efforts have played a crucial role in giving our customers the ability to offer world leading functionality within driver assistance systems such as automatically braking vehicles and warning systems like “blind spot detection”. i3tex contributes with highly competent employees which, to give an exciting example, are currently involved in creating autonomous cars capable of both lateral and longitudinal evasive manoeuvres.

Infotainment 2.0

Infotainment, including both usability and HMI between driver and car, is an immensely expansive area of expertise – in which i3tex is well represented through a wide variety of different roles. The industry is quickly moving towards more app-like functionality, enabling shorter development times and greater flexibility. This is a trend that generates great synergies in relation to our other business areas, and from which we benefit daily from past experiences.

i3tex contributes to the infotainment field by developing, among other things, amplifiers and display systems – but also by providing services within interaction design. In addition, the company is a significant competence provider when it comes to verification of these types of systems, ranging from advanced user testing to unit tests of specific software modules.

Powertrain - More muscle, less environmental impact

The Powertrain area covers future engines, transmissions, and exhaust systems – and the world’s focus is still on making them even more efficient and environmentally friendly. To name a few examples, our work includes the testing and analysis of engine rigs, software development, computer typesetting, mechanical design, and testing of engine  and transmission control systems. Some of the systems we use at i3tex are AVL PUMA, INCA, Matlab / Simulink and Catia V5.

Software development and testing
Data insertion
Electronics development
Mechanical construction and testing
Calculation of electric motor, inverter, batteries, converter, internal combustion engine, transmission and after-treatment system.

Interior - feeling and technology in harmony

The visual impression when opening the door and stepping into a vehicle is crucial to the overall experience. In the automotive sector, the term interior refers primarily to all visible components in a passenger compartment. In order for the whole to feel harmonious, high demands are made on material choices, colors and texture combinations that together with the purely technical expectations must breathe quality from the very first moment.

We have a long experience in optimizing the experience for drivers and passengers, and work with materials such as foam, textiles, leather, sound absorbers, sheet metal and injection molded plastic articles. For components like chairs, seats and dashboards, we have also developed complete subsystems with total responsibility over the years – both as outsourced team and as an overall commitment from our own premises.

Preparation - the key to success

Implementation of products in assembly plants is a crucial and critical part of a new car project. The development is increasing towards the virtual want to ensure and cost-effective assembly and a smooth introduction.
Processing technology is involved in the implementation of new products and will deliver instructions, known as PKI process and control instruction, which ensures successful implementation both in project phase and in running changes. For many years, i3tex has played a significant part in this work with customers in preparation, as well as in the case of passenger cars like really heavy vehicles.

Jesper Sandstedt
Business Area Manager Automotive
Lena Persson
Business Unit Manager Quality & Project Management