Our vision

Product development for a better world

In everything we do we seek to contribute in some way towards making the world a better place to live in. This may sound obvious and perhaps grandiose, but for us at i3tex it is an extremely tangible aim, and something we even measure and monitor. We think it is important to know that together with our customers we are on the right track.


Our vision

Back in 2013 we set the vision ”We develop products of the future for a better world.” At a time when new technology makes most things possible, our vision feels more relevant than ever before. It inspires us – and hopefully others too – to be prepared and act as a positive force in matters both major and minor.

For us, a better world means developing better products and being involved with organisations and people who are pursuing the common good.

We are now taking the next step and are measuring our contributions using the Better World Index.

BWI – a unique method from i3tex

BWI stands for Better World Index – our own method, based on five criteria, that guides us in attaining our goal of a better world.

  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Reduce human suffering
  • Make people’s everyday life easier
  • Increase people’s security
  • Facilitate communication and information flows

We measure and monitor

All projects we work on are assessed on the basis of the five criteria, and a unique BWI value is calculated. Every month we monitor our average BWI in relation to time taken on assignments, allowing us to follow up on our development towards a better world.

What do we do in practice?

Together with our customers we develop products. We contribute ideas, bring technical expertise to the development work and drive projects forward. Throughout the development process we ask ourselves – How can the product be made more sustainable and contribute towards a better world?

It is the many small steps that together make a big difference. In the following we describe examples of how we as a product developer contribute towards a better world.

Medical Device Development

There is great demand from Medical Device companies, and in this context i3tex’s wide range of skills is the perfect fit. Over the years we have been entrusted with development of products for a number of players, all of whom lead the way within their fields, e.g. in the areas of foetal diagnosis, respiratory aids, urology, wound care and dental implants. 

We are proud of being able to contribute towards reducing human suffering and making everyday life easier for many people. We are investing heavily in development in the field of medical technology.

Automotive at the cutting edge

Intensive development is under way within the automotive area – as regards both reducing emissions and environmental impact and increasing safety. Being at the cutting edge is vital in order to maintain the confidence of both customers and employees in future.

At i3tex we have a long and proud tradition of innovation and product development within the automotive area – ranging from Volvo’s electric-car concept and the self-driving cars of the future through to individual components such as smart charging cables for electric cars. The automotive area remains one of the most exciting fields of work if you want to be involved in contributing towards a better world.

IoT and 5G

i3tex is involved in several development projects in the fields of IoT and 5G. With the aid of technology, intrapersonal communication can become even easier, and energy consumption in buildings can be reduced.

Environmental training

Every year all employees at i3tex are offered various environmental training programmes, e.g. DfE (Design for the Environment – environmentally adapted product development) and LCA (life-cycle analysis). Offering training and using and following up everything we do increases awareness in all of us. We always want to learn more about how to develop sustainably and use our knowledge when developing products.

In the next stage we will be supplementing our own development process with activities for sustainable product development.

Environmental and quality management

Our management system is certified in accordance with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485. Ahead of a new assignment we ensure that employees who are to work on the project are cognisant of the customer’s environmental-management system.

In order to be able to follow up our assignment we have linked our environmental work to Sweden’s environmental objectives. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, environmental-objective authorities and the county councils have drawn up an environmental-objective system comprising one generational objective, 16 environmental-quality objectives and a number of intermediate objectives. 

A helping hand

The work towards a better world includes all assignments – both major and minor, and both close at hand and far away. Some things, ranging from how we get to work to how we manage resources, we can influence ourselves. In various contexts we support organisations that focus on aid work, e.g. Doctors Without Borders, Engineers Without Borders and Stockholms Stadsmission. 

We have a long tradition of providing help and support in various contexts. In the following we draw attention to some examples.

Our employees get involved

There is an abundance of ideas and great commitment when our employees choose to get involved in various activities in order to help others.

An example of this is the fact that every year we receive girls for a study day as part of IGE Day (Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day).

We are also involved in blood donating through our participation every year in Blodomloppet – a running competition that draws attention to blood donating.

Support for those who help a lot of people

In various ways we collect money and donate to aid organisations, who will in turn have resources to reach out to many needy people.

We need you!

Do you also feel that you want to get involved and work towards a better world? We will listen to you and recognise your initiatives and ideas. At i3tex there are colleagues with whom to share dreams and visions, and together we have the strength to develop future products for a better world.

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Kristina Tollbo
HR & Recritment